Aeschleman Law offers the following customized legal services to suit your needs:

Consultation and Advice

If you wish to represent yourself in your case, either in litigation or mediation, but want to have an attorney available to answer your questions or guide you through the process, or if you have questions before you begin the divorce process, Aeschleman Law offers consultation and advice services.

Comprehensive Mediation Services

If you or your spouse want to start mediation, we offer services to help you through the process.  Nicole L. Aeschleman can either serve as a mediator for you and your spouse, partner or the other parent, or she can offer you guidance through the mediation process with another mediator.

Limited Scope Representation

Limited scope representation is for clients who require some litigation support, but do not want full litigation service. Limited scope representation can either be limited to a particular legal issue or to a specific task, such as a court appearance.

Other Unbundled Services

In addition to offering the customized services of consultation and advice, mediation support and limited scope representation in Court, Aeschleman Law can offer you assistance with specific tasks for which you may require assistance.  Some of those tasks include:

  • Negotiation/Discussions with the other party or other party’s attorney to reach an agreement or settlement
  • Preparation of Court filings, including Petition, Response, Declaration of Disclosure, Income and Expense Declarations or Motions
  • Response to motions
  • Appearance at a hearing
  • Preparation of or response to discovery
  • Appearance at a deposition
  • Assistance/Preparation with settlement conferences
  • Preparation of Trial Briefs and other necessary trial filings
  • Preparation of a Marital Settlement Agreement or Judgment

Comprehensive Litigation Services

With a full litigation retainer, you trust your entire case to a qualified attorney.  Our office will be responsible for doing a full work-up on your case.  We will be available for advice throughout the process, prepare all court documents, conduct discovery and investigations relevant to your case, communicate with opposing counsel or your unrepresented spouse and go to Court on your behalf.  This is the service recommended for complex cases or cases where you want to have an advocate on your side through the entire process.