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San Jose Annulment Lawyer An annulment, also known as “nullity of marriage” or “nullity of domestic partnership,” is a judgment from the Court that states your marriage or domestic partnership is not legally valid.  A marriage or domestic partnership that is annulled may either be void, meaning that it was never a valid marriage or domestic partnership, or voidable, meaning that it was valid, but is later declared void and no longer valid. A San Jose annulment attorney can help with the process.

Examples of circumstances creating a void marriage or domestic partnership include:

  • incest,
  • bigamy, or
  • a union that did not meet the state’s solemnization requirements.

Marriages and partnerships that are voidable may include marriages or partnerships where:

  • the marriage or domestic partnership was entered into by use of force or fraud,
  • one spouse or partner had physical or mental incapacity; or
  • one spouse or partner was too young to enter into the marriage or partnership.

Annulments are very rare. Spouses or partners cannot agree to annul a marriage or partnership. A judge must make the determination that the marriage or partnership is annulled.

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