Recovery of Assets

A concern in many divorce, domestic partnership termination, and legal separation cases is a spouse’s misappropriation of community assets. For instance, spouses or domestic partners may have transferred, concealed, misappropriated, and/or undervalued assets.

Of particular concern is when one spouse is more financially savvy and has more financial control than his/her spouse or partner. When this dynamic exists, a family law lawyer can assist the less knowledgeable party in ensuring that his/her financial interests are protected. Aeschleman Law can help level the playing field by using our expertise and the expertise of experts. Additionally, the divorce lawyers at Aeschleman Law will develop a thorough strategy to investigate hidden or wrongfully transferred assets, to maximize recovery to the wronged spouse.

What We Look for When Tracking Assets

When a party has reason to believe that assets exist and have been hidden or transferred, the divorce lawyers at Aeschleman Law must consider common methods used to hide assets. Additionally, Aeschleman Law also looks to see if income and net worth has been undervalued. Some common methods employed by wrongdoing spouses or domestic partners are the following:

  • Physically hiding the asset
  • Converting cash into other assets that can easily be hidden
  • Making fraudulent conveyances or transfers of property
  • Paying fictitious debts with agreement to recoup the money later
  • Fraudulent business valuations
  • Liquidating accounts and transferring cash overseas
  • Large-scale bank-to-bank wire transfers to undisclosed accounts

How Aeschleman Law Can Assist

The lawyers at Aeschleman Law have experience with the detailed investigative process that is necessary to identify, locate and recover hidden or transferred assets. When an asset cannot be recovered, Aeschleman Law will assist you in getting your rightful compensation for the lost asset. Every case is different, and therefore requires a different strategic approach. Aeschleman Law will work with you to learn about your situation and to prepare a plan to maximize results.

If you believe that assets and/or income has been or is currently being hidden or transferred without your knowledge, contact Aeschleman Law for a consultation to obtain assistance in protecting your rights and interests.

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