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San Jose International Divorce Attorney California, and the Bay Area in particular, is home to a diverse population that has close ties with or citizenship to other countries. California corporations do business abroad and send their employees to other countries. Many individuals have moved to California from abroad for employment opportunities or family. Our San Jose International Divorce Lawyer knows the complexities with situations like this.

Serving in the military gives people the opportunity to meet and form relationships with citizens of other countries; student exchanges, travel, and the Internet all bring people into contact with residents of countries around the world, and the result is the increase in the number of international marriages. With the increase in international marriages comes the inevitable increase in the need for international divorce attorneys.

If you are seeking a divorce where there may be international ramifications, you need a San Jose international divorce lawyer with experience handling such issues. At Aeschleman Law, we have handled divorces with international issues involving child custody and visitation orders, recording of such orders, lawsuits or divorce actions simultaneously pending in other countries, tracing of assets in other counties, and determination of appropriate support when the supported party is in another country.

At Aeschleman Law, we can assist you even if you or your spouse resides abroad. We have the experience and cultural sensitivity to handle the myriad of cultural issues that naturally arrive in a divorce where there are different cultures, religions, ethnicities or nationalities involved.

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