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San Jose Paternity Attorney The issue of paternity is one that arises when a child is born to unmarried parents.
Establishing paternity is critical to determining the biological father’s rights and obligations to his child under California law. However, the process of establishing paternity, and the rights and obligations related to paternity, is often complicated, and therefore legal advice is recommended. At Aeschleman Law, our San Jose paternity lawyers can help you navigate the process, whether you believe you are the biological father of a child or there is a claim that you are the father but believe that you are not.

Fathers Establishing Paternity

Under California law, any man who is alleged to be the father of a child has the right to establish paternity through DNA testing. If you believe that you are not the biological father of a child, it is important to determine paternity promptly. California law requires parents to provide financial support to their children. Therefore, if you are a presumed father and you fail to properly dispute that fact, you may be required to provide financial support for the child.

Additionally, if you believe you are the biological father of a child, it is important that you establish paternity. Fathers are entitled to custody and visitation rights, as well as receipt of child support, as appropriate.  Parents have a right to make decisions about their child’s education, health needs, and lifestyle. Thus, if you believe you are the biological father of a child, it is critical that you establish paternity with the courts so you can enforce your rights.

At Aeschleman Law, we can help guide you through the court’s process for establishing paternity and then protect your rights.  Aeschleman Law can meet with you to discuss your individual case.  Contact us for a reduced rate, full one-hour consultation.

Mothers Establishing Paternity

If you are the mother of a child, it may be critical for you to establish the father’s paternity. Fathers are required to provide financial support to their children and aid a mother in the parenting process.

Establishing a father’s paternity is not always an easy process.  At Aeschleman Law we can help you through the process and make sure that you obtain the financial support you are entitled to.

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