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At Aeschleman Law, P.C. our San Jose family law attorneys provide experienced family law guidance and representation to individuals dealing with issues of divorce, custody, property division, support, domestic violence, and an array of other family law issues. Aeschleman Law, P.C. services Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Alameda, and San Mateo counties. We know that divorces can cause large amounts of stress and contention. High-asset divorces can cause even more levels of stress. Emotions often run high when negotiating child custody issues and dividing the property of the marriage.

When most people marry, they expect it to be forever. Marriage is not only a spiritual partnership, it is a means for providing for a secure upbringing of children and an economic partnership as well. And while nobody marries with the intention of divorcing, statistics show that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce.

In Family Law Matters, Experience Really Does Count

You can expect many disputes that will arise in the course of dissolving the marriage, and bitter feelings can result. By having a skilled San Jose family law attorney to assist you in negotiating your divorce settlement, you can often step back from the emotionally charged environment of your divorce and allow a professional with experience in negotiating these sensitive issues advocate on your behalf.

The attorneys at the Aeschelman Law Office are well aware of the tensions that can complicate a marital dissolution and are accustomed to dealing with these issues using compassion and sensitivity. We work with you to determine what you want to get from the divorce and will aim to achieve your personal goals within the framework set by California law.

In Court and Out-of-Court Family Law Advocacy

Whether you need full litigation support, representation for one or several hearings, assistance with paperwork, or simply advice, we provide a range of services to meet your requirements.

When possible, we do our best to try to reach a favorable agreement without putting you through the stress and expense of a court proceeding. When it becomes necessary to place a decision in the hands of a judge, Aeschleman Law will aggressively pursue the outcome that you are seeking with a thoroughly prepared case to present to the court.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

In addition to handling divorce and child custody issues, Aeschleman Law can also help you draw up a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. These agreements can often help reduce conflict that may arise if the marriage fails and a divorce becomes inevitable. A subsequent divorce is usually less costly as well as less contentious when entering into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, because many of the terms have been agreed to in advance. When you plan for possible scenarios in the future, you can gain peace of mind when everyone is protected.

Family Law Attorney Services for Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Alameda, and San Mateo Counties

Aeschleman Law is located in San Jose, California and offers customized family law services throughout Santa Clara, Alameda, and San Mateo Counties. If you are facing a divorce, child custody, or family support issue, or if you wish to enter into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, call a San Jose divorce lawyer today at 408-724-8930 and arrange a consultation. You may also contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of this site.

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The experienced family law attorneys at Aeschleman understand that there is no one-size-fits-all remedy for your legal issues. Our skilled and sensitive lawyers work with clients to devise a plan that meets their short and long-term goals. We use alternative dispute methods and creative settlement options to obtain favorable resolution of your legal situation.


If you or a loved one is facing a divorce, you’re definitely not in the minority. The national divorce rate is about 50 percent. In California, it’s 60 percent. But being one of many, doesn’t make the prospect of divorce any easier to handle. Not only are you facing your future without the person you thought would be by your side forever, you’re also facing the duty of dividing assets, not to mention the issue of child custody.

The many painful and complicated facets of divorce are why experts have deemed going through a divorce as difficult as grieving a death. The guidance and support of a skilled, compassionate, experienced attorney is an absolute must. The attorneys at Aeschleman Law encompass all of these traits and more. We understand the rollercoaster of emotions you’re on and can help you logically navigate the divorce process.


An annulment is a Judge’s declaration that an original marriage was invalid or null and void. It’s very difficult to establish an annulment, as a couple must prove a few specific scenarios, including incest or bigamy, force or fraud, physical or mental incapacity, or age issues.

If you or a loved one is looking to have a marriage annulled, the assistance of an attorney is crucial, in order to meet the state’s rigid requirements. The attorneys at Aeschleman Law have seen many of their clients to a successful annulment and look forward to achieving the same results for your matter.

Child Custody

If you’re facing a divorce and have children, your heart is undoubtedly breaking for them. You want to see that they aren’t negatively affected by you and your spouse’s divorce. You want to see their emotional well being protected. But you also want to make sure that your rights are protected and that they’re in the healthiest environment possible- that their transition from one household to two is smooth. The attorneys at Aeschleman Law understand these priorities and will devote all of our faculties to seeing that these needs are met.

There are a few components to Custody that need to be addressed: Legal Custody, Physical Custody, and Visitation. Similar to legal custody, parents may be awarded joint physical custody, or alternatively, one parent may be awarded sole physical custody. Even if one parent has sole physical custody, this does not mean that the other parent is not given visitation rights. Visitation orders are a separate order made by the Court.

You may be looking to adjust a child custody arrangement that’s already been set in motion and is no longer working. Aeschleman has hours upon hours of experience doing just this and will see that your Modification of Custody matter is adjusted to meet your changing circumstances and requests.

Child Support

In addition to worrying about the emotional necessities of your family, the financial essentials are just as important. Every child is deserving of financial support from their parents, and the matters of your child’s schooling, health insurance, extracurricular activities, medical needs, and general funds to maintain their lifestyle are all considered when determining child support. We will steadfastly represent you and your children in seeing to the security and consistency of your child’s financial future.

The attorneys at Aeschleman Law will work quickly to make sure that support is ordered. Child support is calculated using a statewide formula and state guidelines. Many factors are considered when determining how much support is ordered. Our lawyers will make sure that all factors are considered and that the most support possible is given to your child.

If you’re the supporting parent and your circumstances have changed, or you’ve realized your support order is unreasonable, the attorneys at Aeschleman Law will advocate for your financial welfare. We will work to see your support order lowered within the requirements of the law.

High Asset Divorce

When an individual is in a heightened financial position, the routine worries of a divorce can be amplified. Fear of losing the financial structure one has created for themselves and their family is ever-present.

The state of California cites very specific rules when it comes to the division of assets. The complications of this process become all the more significant when there are businesses and properties to divide. Don’t let an inexperienced attorney risk your hard-earned assets in a divorce. The attorneys at Aeschleman Law are experts at protecting your assets, including:

  • Stocks, Bonds, and mutual funds
  • Retirement Funds (401(k)s, deferred compensation, pension accounts)
  • Real Property (rental units, vacation homes)

Aeschleman Law can walk you through this complicated process and be your aggressive advocate in protecting all that you’ve worked to achieve.

Spousal Support/ Alimony

When a spouse decides to end their marriage, one of the most pressing questions is- how will I adequately support myself now that my financial situation is changing? The matter of spousal support is usually the first issue that an individual wants to address when they first consult our office. Aeschleman Law has worked out Spousal Support for countless clients and will bring the same experience and competence to your support issue.

The two types of support- Temporary and Permanent both serve to ensure that an individual’s financial situation can be stable during and after a divorce. Temporary support is ordered during the divorce process, while Permanent is granted after a divorce is final. Spousal support is determined taking into account the length of the marriage, as well as the financial needs of each spouse. The numerical outcome is calculated using a complex formula and several other financial facts of each individual.

Don’t risk your financial future in the hands of an incompetent attorney or in attempting to face this determination alone. The attorneys at Aeschleman Law understand the complex nuances of this calculation and will make sure that your financial wellbeing is protected and promoted when Spousal Support is the issue at hand.

Prenuptial/ Postnuptial Agreements

No one plans that their marriage will fail, and obtaining a prenuptial agreement is definitely not doing so. It is actually a very wise step a couple can take, as a simple means to protect individual assets and plan for the financial complication that a marriage can create. Aeschleman Law can help you to organize these many different factors by drawing up a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. A postnuptial agreement establishes this organization of assets after a couple has already married.

Oftentimes, this undertaking can help reduce conflict that may arise if the marriage fails and a divorce becomes inevitable. By entering into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, a subsequent divorce is usually less costly and contentious because said agreements have been worked out beforehand. The attorneys at Aeschleman Law are skilled at both types of agreements and look forward to helping your protect your financial assets.

Get The Help You Need- Reach Out To Aeschleman Law

The lawyers at Aeschleman Law will walk you through each phase of your family law process, explaining each decision you need to make in depth. We’ll steer you towards the choices that will best steady and enhance your life. Your best interests will always be the driving factor behind our representation of you and your family. Our goal will always be to make this process as smooth and timely as possible. We want to see you come out of this happier, healthier, and ready to face the future with confidence and security.

Aeschleman Law is located in San Jose, California and offers customized family law services throughout Santa Clara, Alameda, and San Mateo Counties. If you are facing a divorce, child custody, or family support issue, or if you wish to enter into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, call the offices of Aeschleman Law today at (408) 724-8930 to arrange a consultation.

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