Wendy Andham

Wendy Andham, Certified Paralegal

Wendy joined Aeschleman Law as a certified paralegal in February 2014. Since joining Aeschleman Law, she has been a valuable member of our team and a great resource for our clients.

Wendy received her undergraduate degree from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and her legal assistant/paralegal certificates from UCLA. Having worked in the legal field since 1994, Wendy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Aeschleman Law and our clients.

Wendy, among other responsibilities, is actively involved in case management and discovery. Her knowledge and experience are particularly useful in assisting clients with preparation of their Declarations of Disclosure, the required exchange of financial information between spouses in a divorce proceeding. Wendy also provides valuable analysis during the discovery phase, providing the attorneys at Aeschleman Law with detailed reports of the other party’s compliance and our client’s with hands on assistance for their responses to request for information.

Wendy is a personable and energetic team member that cares about providing the highest quality of work and service to Aeschleman Law’s clients.