Divorce Planning

Most people get married expecting it to last forever, but the unfortunate reality in our society is that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. In light of the sad statistics, it is a good idea to expect the best but plan for the worst. Many couples, however, arrive at the end of a marriage totally unprepared .This is especially a problem when one spouse has maintained control of the couple’s finances.

In most failing marriages, the realization that things aren’t working out does not come on suddenly but has been building over time. If you are coming to the point where you see divorce as a possibility, it is time to take stock of your preparedness to move forward on your own. Before jumping into a divorce, take some time to plan for your future.

Look Before You Leap

The San Jose Divorce lawyers at Aeschleman law can help you to be prepared for the dissolution of your marriage before you take the leap. We will look at your finances, including bank accounts, investments, income, assets, and credit. We will assess your financial readiness for a divorce and begin the process of inventorying your assets and performing a valuation of any business that is involved. We will advise you on steps that you can take to protect your interest in marital assets as well as protecting any non-marital assets you may have. We will also discuss the tax ramifications of the divorce, as well as how it will affect retirement planning.

Consider the Children

If you have children, there are additional considerations going beyond child support, which usually continues only until age 18. For example, where will the funds come from for college and graduate or professional school? Will the custodial parent be able to keep the children in the family home? Who is responsible for a medical emergency?

A Family Lawyer Who is an Experienced Financial Planner

These are only a few of the myriad practical and financial decisions that must be considered when planning for a divorce. Nicole Aeschleman brings to her family law practice a strong background in finance, which was her undergraduate major and the field in which she worked before going to law school. She is uniquely qualified as both a family law attorney and a financial planner to help those contemplating a divorce to plan for their future security.

If you are in a marriage that may be heading for divorce, don’t delay in consulting the Aeschleman law firm for divorce planning and advice while you still have time to secure your financial position. Call (408) 724-8930 today for a consultation with Nicole Aeschleman to receive the expert counsel of a legal professional who is also fully qualified as a financial planner. Or send an email to nicole@aeschlemanlaw.com.

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